Food Donation Ministry

Feed the hungry,
    and help those in trouble.
Then your light will shine out from the darkness,
    and the darkness around you will be as bright as noon.

Isaiah 58:10 (NLT)

Frozen Food Items for Outreach Care Centers

Living in Liberty Outreach teams are ministering in 4 areas of Pittsburgh – Homewood, Northside, Allentown (Warrington Avenue) and McKeesport.  Currently we are providing food for individuals, many of whom are homeless, in the Homewood and Northside areas.  Home-cooked/baked, healthy items are relished by many of the women who come – a treat they seldom get.  When weather permits our teams go out on the street often with coolers filled with sandwiches, water and cookies.  It is a wonderful way to strike up conversation and share some physical nourishment.  Your help in providing this food would be an awesome way to be a part of the ministry of Living in Liberty!

All items can be delivered to the Repurposed Store manager at 7805 McKnight Road.   (insert photo of store)  Please make sure to log your donation on the log sheet at the store so we know who has made the generous donation and if we have questions we can contact you.( insert photo of log sheet)

Please package items ready to be frozen in freezer at the store.  We serve 20-30 very hungry people each week.  Please label food with date, contents, and heating instructions, when appropriate.  Below are some suggestions of items that have been favorites of those visiting our Care Centers.  Recipes suggestions are available on by clicking here.

Casseroles: Macaroni & Cheese, Lasagna, Chicken enchilada casserole, Stuffed cabbage, Goulash, Turkey spaghetti, Chicken curry

  • ·       Package these items in 9 X 13 aluminum pans, place plastic wrap directly to the top of the food items to prevent freezer burn and cover with aluminum foil or plastic cover so items can be stacked in the freezer.  These containers can be purchased at a Dollar Store (see photo example – one with food and one without food)
  • ·       Roast beef sliced in gravy
  • ·       Turkey sliced in gravy

Soups: Chili (beef, chicken or turkey), Beef stew  

  • ·       Package these items in 1 gallon plastic containers or 13x9 aluminum pans (see photo example – one with and one without food)

Hot fillings for sandwiches:   Sandwich buns, sloppy joes, pulled chicken or pork,

  • ·       Package the filling in a 13x9 aluminum pan as noted above.
  • ·       Leave buns in bulk package.

Cold sandwiches:  Bread or sandwich buns, sandwich meat, cheese, (give photo examples)

  • ·       Place meat and cheese in bulk in zip-lock freezer bags
  • ·       Leave bread in bulk package
  • ·       Mayonnaise and mustard in small packets (do not freeze these.  Place in Bonnie’s bin)

Baked goods: cookies, brownies, etc. Home-baked are loved!! (no nuts please) (Photo example)

  • ·       Packaged these items 2 to 4 per sandwich size plastic zip-lock bags and place in an aluminum pan with lid for easy transport.

Miscellaneous Items Needed

  • ·       Extra pasta sauce
  • ·       Plastic bags in all sizes – gallon, quart, sandwich, snack
  • ·       Bottle water         
  • ·       Wrapped mint candy      
  • ·       Paper plates
  • ·       Sandwich bags filled with 1 each - fork, knife, spoon, napkin, and hand wipe/sanitizer ready to be given out.
  • o   We use about 40 of these a week
  • ·       Extra Individually wrapped hand wipe/sanitizer
  • ·       Extra plastic ware (forks, knives, spoons)            
  • ·       Extra napkins (dinner size and luncheon size in pretty designs)

Food Items for Safe Home Residents:  Individual meals are very helpful for residents to take when working, between appointments, etc.  Please choose any one of the healthier varieties of frozen meals.

  • ·       Lean Cuisine
  • ·       Hot Pockets
  • ·       Healthy Choice
  • ·       Amy’s

Deliver all donations to the Store Manager at the Repurposed Store

7805 McKnight Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Phone: 412.548.3755

Enter your donation on the log kept at the store

If you have questions, please contact:

Marilyn Bradshaw

Ministry Resource Coordinator


Address: PO Box 488, Gibsonia PA 15044

Phone: +1 (412) 837-9347


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