Liberty Home (Women)

The Living in Liberty safe house is a secure location where victims of sex trafficking receive the treatment and services they need to overcome the trauma they have experienced and gain the confidence and skills necessary to live independently. We provide a loving, caring, homelike environment where victims can feel safe, secure and welcome. The house is a full-service facility with the amenities of an average American home. Common and recreational areas encourage social interaction. While in the safe house, residents have access to the following services:

Loving and Caring Environment

The most important part of recovering from such a traumatic experience is being part of a community that provides a loving and caring environment. The house is a place to receive treatment but also to build relationships with fellow victims and care givers, an important step on the road to recovery.

Health Care

Because most residents have a wide variety of health issues, while in our care they have access to health care services to aid in their recovery. These services include medicines, treatment for diseases and malnourishment, substance addiction recovery and other services as necessary.


Counseling services range from mental health counseling to help victims accept the situation from which they were rescued, to drug and substance abuse counseling to help victims recover.


Most victims have come from situations in which they were not eating regularly or are malnourished. They need balanced healthy meals to help rebuild their bodies. We provide nutritious foods and a fully functioning kitchen. This allows some victims to learn how to cook and maintain a clean kitchen.


Many victims have few, if any, possessions. Through donations we provide clothing for the victims.


The women learn basic life skills such as cooking, cleaning and interacting with other people to advanced life skills like balancing a check book and preparing a resume, and have access to materials to learn subjects taught in schools like reading, writing and mathematics. Our hope is that by gaining even the most basic education, the women will continue their educations after leaving the house. Residents also can learn crafts such as sewing and have access to resources to express themselves through art. The combination of all of these skills will help to prepare the women to get jobs and become independent.

Legal Counseling Referrals

The victims need access to a wide array of legal services, from assistance in registering the necessary paperwork to get their U.S. citizenship to providing information that may lead to the prosecution of traffickers. We provide as much legal assistance as possible to help the women successfully move on once they leave the house.

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